See COMMONTARY in Action

To see how COMMONTARY's proprietary technology can add an unlimited number of alternate audio streams to your video (all perfectly synced), check out our video demo below.


COMMONTARY's double-patented innovation ("Systems and Methods For Customized Live-Streaming Commentary", US Patents # 10433026 and # 10827231) is a new alternate audio syncing technology for live and recorded video that allows users to create or listen to an alternate audio feed that is synced with their respective video feed.


How It Works

The COMMONTARY technology listens to multiple audio sources associated with a source video, identifies them using audio "fingerprints" and time stamps, and then delivers a synced alternate audio feed to a viewer of the same video content.


Potential Uses

Whether it's supplementing the audio content for an existing video, or replacing undesirable commentary during a sports broadcast, the COMMONTARY technology enables media outlets to provide an enhanced alternative viewer experience for their content, or to access audiences who are consuming content elsewhere by utilizing their talent and creating content that users can listen to in tandem with the 3rd party video. COMMONTARY can also be used for user-generated content wherein users create their own channels and narrate content themselves.