What Content Can COMMONTARY Be Used For?

COMMONTARY delivers an alternate audio option for any video viewing experience, live or recorded. Users can create their own audio broadcast, or listen to an alternate audio stream either on top of the video feed or independently with the video muted.

Content providers can supplement their offerings and provide an alternative viewer experience that enhances the original broadcast, and can add viewing segments, without abandoning the core audience. The added audio feed can be listened to either in lieu of the original audio or on top of the video. 3rd party content can also be narrated. In addition, individuals can generate their own alternate audio content.

Substitute Audio

  • Sports TV Broadcasts
    • Analysis and play by play from an expert other than network commentators
  • Sports Radio Broadcasts
    • Radio feed can be synced to match video broadcast
  • Gaming Tournaments and Live Gaming Events
    • Commentary and analysis

Supplemental Audio

  • Produced Programming
    • Celebrity/Talent commentating on content, e.g. Chris Hardwick hosting "Talking Dead" live while "The Walking Dead" is being aired
  • Political Debates and Speeches
    • CNN reporter reactions & opinions on what candidates are saying and how FOX News-hosted debate is going
  • Award Shows and Beauty Pageants
    • TMZ reporter commentary on wardrobes, speeches, gossip, etc. during Academy Awards broadcast
  • Reality TV Talent Shows
    • "America's Got Talent" prior contestant or celebrity analysis of performances, scoring, agreeing/disagreeing with judges
  • Game Shows
    • Celebrity/Talent "competing" on "Jeopardy", answering show questions, commentary on contestants & host
  • Reality TV
    • Celebrity/Talent commentary on characters and content, predicting outcomes
  • Education
    • Real time language translation, professional lecture/lesson analysis, etc.